Asset Preservation in Maryland | What You Need to Know

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There is nothing more important than planning for the future. We plan for many aspects of life, and sometimes, this planning is fun/entertaining, and other times, it is simply necessary. Creating a comprehensive estate plan is the latter. Everyone must do it, and it is critical that you do not put doing so off. One of the most important aspects of estate planning is asset preservation, which can help you and your family get the most out of your assets upon your passing. Please continue reading and reach out to our experienced Maryland estate planning attorney to learn more about asset preservation and how our firm can help you through every step of the estate planning process going forward. Here are some of the questions you may have:

What is asset structuring and how can it benefit me?

Asset structuring is one of the most critical parts of estate planning. Essentially, when creating your estate plan, your end goal is to preserve and maximize the potential of your assets. There are various documents you can draft, with the assistance of our firm, so you can do so. Some of the most important asset structuring documents include trusts, private placement insurance, family limited partnerships, foreign annuities, and more. Here at JDKatz, P.C., our experienced attorneys are happy to discuss the benefits of each of these documents and help you implement them to your advantage in your estate plan.

What are some of the asset protection plans that I can utilize in Maryland?

There are various asset protection plans that you may utilize that will minimize your financial exposure by helping to ensure that you are prepared for the future. Of course, since we all have different careers, different financial goals, and different sets of priorities, it is critical that you hire an attorney who can help you implement the best asset protection plan for you. Additionally, you will also need an attorney who has a firm understanding of the various estate laws in Maryland so your asset protection plan can reflect those laws, as well as your best interests. You can use these asset protection plans to help protect your assets from whatever life throws your way, such as lawsuits, debt claims, divorce, and more. If you have any additional questions or you are ready to get started, give us a call today. We are ready to help.

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