Cailin J. Talbert, Esq.

Senior Associate

Cailin J. Talbert is a senior associate at JDKatz, P.C. Her practice focuses on estates & trusts, wills & probate, and tax matters. A native of Anne Arundel County, MD, Cailin received her undergraduate degree from the Franklin & Marshall College (Lancaster, PA)  (B.A. Business Administration-2005), law degree from the University of Baltimore School of Law (JD-2010,) and Masters of Taxation from the Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law (Villanova, PA) (LLM-2016).

Cailin believes that people dealing with estate and tax law can be overwhelmed at an emotionally trying and vulnerable time.  She believes that when clients are best prepared for life events, the process is less stressful and easier to manage.

Prior to joining the firm, Cailin served as the Manager of the Maryland Comptroller’s Estate Tax Unit where she performed a supervisory review of estate tax returns, inheritance and estate tax refunds, and taxpayer/practitioner inquires and disputes to confirm the auditors’ conclusions regarding conformance with estate tax laws, and legal procedures.   Cailin provided outreach to the Registers of Wills, and practitioners related to the best practices in estate tax and estate administration throughout her tenure

Cailin believes that when people better understand tax laws, they can better comply with their obligations.  However, she understands that when a tax collection system overstates the importance of raising money and loses sight of the needs of taxpayers it can become obtuse and punitive.

Cailin brings her experience to her clients to provide better outcomes then they might have otherwise achieved.  She performs extensive research on evolving tax issues, composes technical legal correspondence and memoranda, and provides technical advice and assistance to attorneys, accountants, and taxpayers.  Cailin enjoys engaging with clients and helping them achieve their goals in a way that serves their best interests.

Cailin is licensed to practice law in the State of Maryland and is a member of the Montgomery County Bar Association and State of Maryland Bar Association.

Cailin is an accomplished photographer, who tries to capture people at their best and create memorable moments.

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