There are few things more nerve racking than receiving a letter from the IRS stating that you or your company will be audited. You need to begin preparations right away. First and foremost, you need to find a qualified, and professional Maryland tax attorney. Choosing the right representation will unload a lot of the stress you will be under. Qualified tax attorneys will represent and protect your interests during the entire audit process.

International tax audits can be even more complex than domestic audits. International tax law is highly technical. Foreign, domestic, state, and federal laws must all be taken into account. Few tax attorneys are capable of handling the scope of international tax defense. The IRS monitors all accounts held by U.S. citizens, businesses, and corporations both domestic and foreign. Most audits are due to unreported foreign assets and accounts to the IRS. Whether you live domestically or in a foreign country, you must be conscious of the tax laws of your country of citizenship. Gather all of your paperwork, previous tax returns, statements, and find the proper representation. The only way to navigate international tax audits is to hire a professional who is thorough.

If you, or your business, are the participants in an upcoming international tax audit you need expert help. JD Katz Attorneys At Law has extensive knowledge and experience with these tax cases. Our experts understand domestic, state, federal, and international laws and can assist with you with all aspects of the investigation. You do not have to feel like you are going through this alone. Visit JD Katz online or in person.