Last week this blog posted an article discussing renewed efforts to establish a federal online sales tax law.

See Original Post: Online Sales Tax: Fair But Not Fun

The Marketplace Fairness Act, which recently failed to be considered as a provision to the National Defense Authorization Bill, would make it so that online retailers would be forced to collect state sales tax from purchasers.  Proponents say this would level the playing field for local retailers and provide much needed relief to crippled state and local government revenues., by-far the nation’s largest online retailer, recently switch sides in the debate; the company is opening more shipping warehouses, giving them a physical presence in states and thereby making them legally bound to collect sales tax.  It is now in their best interest to make it so that all online retailers have to abide by the same rules, regardless of a physical presence.

While the MFA waits its next trial to pass congress, many states are attempting to pass their own version of the law, which the below infographic appropriately dubs, “The Amazon Tax Law.”  Check it out below to see if your state is in the mix; either way, we recommend enjoying your online shopping tax free while you still can!

Thanks to Business Insider for the infographic.



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