Tax time is here, and with it the fresh prospects of IRS audits.  If you’ve been notified that the IRS is performing an audit on you, your business, or organization, we recommend that you call a Maryland tax attorney as soon as possible.  The reasons are threefold.  First of all, you stand to suffer significant financial repercussions depending on your state of affairs and your past tax history.  A quality tax attorney can help to mitigate those assessments and penalties.  Second, an experienced tax attorney who understands the process can help to minimize the effects that an audit will have on your life, and in turn, your mental and emotional well being.  Finally, should the audit not work out in your favor, your tax attorney can help guide you through the appeals process to  challenge the findings of the IRS and minimize your burden.  Call JD Katz to learn more about the audit process, and how securing our representation can serve to benefit you.