If you’re aware of a situation where tax fraud or evasion is willingly being committed, you need to educate yourself about the tax whistleblower law passed by Congress in 2006.  In an effort to reduce tax fraud and evasion, and to encourage the reporting of such crimes, significant incentives were put in place to reward and protect those with knowledge that brings perpetrators of tax fraud and evasion to justice.   Those incentives include a 15% to 30% reward on money collected by the IRS as a result of the information provided, and full confidentiality provided to the whistleblower in all matters related to the case.  If you are contemplating taking action in relation to an incident of tax fraud or evasion, we highly recommend that you seek out the services of a Maryland tax lawyer prior to moving forward.    With substantial rewards at stake, and also potential pitfalls depending on how close or involved you are to the alleged crime, having an attorney who understands the law and will advocate in your favor is an absolute necessity.