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What to Know About Guardianships in Maryland

Guardianships are a large part of creating a comprehensive estate plan. Creating guardianship for a family member protects this person if they become incapacitated and require someone to manage their affairs on their behalf. Continue reading to learn more about guardianships and the responsibilities of a guardian. If you have any further questions regarding appointing […]

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What Age Should I Draft an Estate Plan?

In order to ensure your assets are handled as you wish when you pass, it is important to have a comprehensive estate plan. Estate plans can even benefit individuals when they are still alive. Your age is practically irrelevant when you establish an estate plan. An estate plan can benefit individuals of all ages. You […]

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How Does Probate Work in Maryland?

If you are chosen to administer an estate in Maryland, you may go through the probate process. If you are facing this process, it is important that you retain the services of an experienced attorney who can ensure you complete the process effectively. Continue reading learn more about the probate process in Maryland. What is […]

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What Can I Expect When Drafting a Will?

If you are debating if drafting a will is in the cards for you, continue reading and reach out to our experienced estate planning attorney to learn the ins and outs of the process and why it might be right for you. What is a will? A will is a legal document that expresses a […]

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