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Shipwrecked: Navigating the Turbulent Tides from Medicare to Medicaid

When your loved one first enters the unfamiliar waters of long-term nursing home care, the journey may seem smoothly charted under Medicare’s coverage. But choppy seas loom on the horizon. After just 100 days adrift, the Medicare vessel runs aground, leaving families stranded without ongoing support. As savings rapidly drain away, many turn in desperation to […]

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A Comprehensive Guide for U.S. Citizens Inheriting Assets from Abroad

In today’s global economy, U.S. citizens and residents frequently receive inheritances from non-U.S. persons. This may occur due to more globalized families, expatriates returning to the U.S., or other reasons. While inheriting foreign assets can provide financial opportunities, it also presents complex reporting requirements and tax implications that must be properly handled. This comprehensive guide […]

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“Proposed retirement changes and spousal protection” By: Elizabeth J. McInturff, Esq.

Recently, Elizabeth J. McInturff, Esq., of JDKatz, P.C., wrote a guest column for The Daily Record. In this column, Elizabeth talks about the proposed federal legislation that may change how a married person can use a defined retirement contribution plan. More specifically, she cites H.R.5060 and S.2627 as two bills proposing amendments to the Employment […]

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