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Understanding the IRS’s New Approach to Gifts Made to Irrevocable Trusts | JDKatz, P.C. | Estate Planning Attorneys in Maryland

This practical program is designed to provide you with actionable insights on over three hundred pages of new IRS policies and procedures from both Treasury Regulations and PLR’s, related to contributions made to Irrevocable Trusts. In 2016, the Service issued substantial new guidelines which modified and clarified long-standing code provisions relating to tax treatment of […]

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Designating IRA Beneficiaries & Using Trusts as Beneficiaries of IRA’s | JDKatz, P.C. | Maryland & Washington D.C. Estate Planning Attorneys

Designation of IRA and other retirement account beneficiaries can be a complicated decision for most clients, and Trusts which hold individual retirement accounts are even more complicated. When they converge — for instance, when someone names a trust as a beneficiary to an IRA — things can go very wrong, and that can be very […]

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Estate Planning Practice 101 | JDKatz, P.C. | Montgomery County Estate Planning Attorneys

Understanding the estate planning process can be a formidable process for even the best attorney. Estate and Elder law are among the fastest growing practice areas offering both young and established attorneys opportunities for rapid growth in their practices. As current clients continue to grow older, will you position yourself to offer legal services required […]

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Understanding the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017 | JDKatz, P.C. | Bethesda, MD Tax Attorneys

President Donald Trump signed the $1.5 trillion tax overhaul into law on Friday, December 22, 2017. Starting next year, the new law will give big cuts to corporations and wealthy Americans and more modest reductions to other families. Trump continued to pitch it as a win a for the middle class, insisting that even though polling […]

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Captive Insurance & Organizational Risk Management: Issues & Solutions—the tip of the iceberg

What is captive insurance and why is it useful to your clients?  Captives provide an unusual opportunity for clients to better manage risk than traditional insurance policies, and have unusually good tax benefits, when properly structured. While over 90% of the FORTUNE 1000 has used captives for generations, their use by smaller companies has only […]

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Employment Tax Cases: Minimizing Tax Assessments, Penalties & Interest

Employers are responsible to withhold, deposit, report and pay federal employment taxes for their employees. Employers facing cash flow crunches or shortages often turn to the withheld taxes as a source of business finance through either sloth, willful neglect, or the mistaken belief that they can catch up on the payments without penalty.  These employers […]

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