Don’t Be Afraid To Alert Tax Fraud. Blow The Whistle!

Sometimes doing the right thing can be scary especially when it involves the federal government. An individual who notifies the Internal Revenue Service of underpaid taxes or  evasion is known as a whistleblower. Whistleblowers have the option to file a lawsuit, which will allow them to receive a percentage of the total amount claimed to be fraudulent. The Internal Revenue Service also offers paid rewards as an incentive. Most regular citizens don’t have the extensive Maryland tax attorney knowledge it takes to file one of these lawsuits. Understandably, this process might deter somebody from reporting fraud allowing the offender to continue with their scheme of stealing money!

Specialized attorneys like ours posses the knowledge and desire to help a whistleblower move easily through the process of filing a claim and getting a potential reward. Imagine an employer taking money out of their hard working employees paychecks to turn around and put that money into their pocket. Blowing the whistle stops a crime in the end and protects innocent people. It is our duty as citizens of this great country to make sure people are treated fairly and justly. Whistleblowers are really heroes disguised as the “everyday person!” If you believe you have solid evidence and knowledge of this crime and feel compelled to come forward the good news is you don’t have to go through it alone.Our tax attorneys are here for you and will work hard for you. Let’s do the right thing together and stop fraud against our federal government.