Planning for your future should be done early.  Estate planning in Washington, DC should be completed by people of any age in any state of health. Even though you may think that you do not own enough to warrant estate planning, you are incorrect. Everything that you own; from your clothing to your home, is an asset. Proper estate planning in Washington, DC can mean that legal fees, taxes, court costs, etc, will be kept to a minimum.

Properly planning for your death is not morbid, it is smart. Estate planning can also encompass instructions on how you would like to be taken care of in the event that you become severely disabled or incompetent. There is much more to estate planning than just your living will.

What would happen to your children if you met an untimely end? When you are estate planning you will be able to leave your children an inheritance as well as appoint a guardian. You will even be able to write in a timeline of when they are to receive their inheritance. This is also important for other members of your family that may receive special care. An attorney at JD Katz will be able to walk you through each step of the process.

There are a few more things that everyone should know before beginning their estate planning. Estate planning is for everyone. The professionals at JD Katz will help you keep your costs to a minimum. Also, if you forego the planning process you and your family must abide by the state regulations for disability or death. It is almost certain that the state’s plans are not in line with what you would do. Contact the attorneys at JD Katz for assistance.