Hiring A Tax Attorney For IRS Investigations Part 2

dreamstime_xxl_28159543For the average American, the thought of IRS fraud and impending tax evasion penalties is far from the mind. Indeed, many citizens are blissfully unaware of the consequences of tax fraud, regardless of whether or not they are educated on the rules. Because of this, JDKatz tirelessly works as the premier tax attorney in Maryland to assist our clients with any tax issues they may be facing. We are dedicated to providing you with comprehensive tax advice and solid representation. Last week, we looked at the beginning stages of an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) criminal investigation and why it can be concerning for many citizens. Today we will look at the rest of the process and explain why professional tax preparation can be in your best interest. Rest easy knowing that your taxes are in good hands!

What Happens After The Investigation?

Once all of the pertinent information is collected and interpreted, the special agent and his/her supervisor must then determine whether there is enough evidence to constitute a case of criminal activity. If there is not enough information present to make a solid case, the agents will discontinue the investigation. However, if there is indeed sufficient evidence to prosecute a citizen, the case will then continue through the process.

At this stage, the special agent will write a detailed report of the evidence indicating any violation of our tax laws. The purpose of this report is to appropriately recommended prosecution of the individual in question. The freshly crafted document then goes under review by a number of different officials to ensure consistency and accuracy.

What Follows The Investigation?

Once a criminal investigator deems the information relevant, prosecution recommendations are sent to either the US Attorney or the Department of Justice, based on the specific offense. At this point, the case is transferred to the prosecution for handling. The goal at this point is to achieve a conviction in the case. According to the IRS, roughly 3,000 cases per year are brought to trial to show to the public that tax fraud is no joking matter.

Should I Hire A Tax Attorney?

Yes! The penalties associated with tax evasion, theft, and fraud can include exorbitant fines and possibly even jail time. A knowledgeable tax attorney can help to smooth the ruffles of a tax investigation and can professionally represent you in a number of options. Typically, in times of heavy consequences, attorneys will work diligently to reach a settlement. The IRS has been known to compromise and reduce your tax debt if certain factors are satisfied. However, once evidence has been presented and prosecution begins, things get much more complicated. That’s where a knowledgeable tax defense attorney is invaluable!

If you’re concerned about your tax relationship with our government, JDKatz can provide expert assistance. With decades of experience, we are your choice tax attorneys in the Maryland area. From tax preparations to defense cases, we do it all! We have a proven record of landing our clients in very favorable positions. Don’t let your tax status keep you up at night. Contact us today for a free consultation about how we can improve your life!