Maryland Tax Attorney Offers Embezzlement Representation

You have indisputable evidence that an employee committed embezzlement against you and/or your company. You’ve terminated him or her immediately so now what? Should you take legal action? Press charges? Emotionally and idealistically, of course, you do. It’s just the right thing to do. If  you fail to do so you fail to uphold your duty to society and fail to set a clear precedent at your business. Criminals deserve to be punished. More so, they need to be punished. The more visible the better. In fact, maybe we should go back to flogging in the town square.

 Practically and realistically, on the other hand, some say “pressing charges” may not make sense because legal action is costly, stressful and time-consuming. Many would rather get the bad experience behind them and move on. It’s also likely that you will not receive any compensation because the average amount reclaimed for U.S. white-collar crime is 20%. Forty percent recover nothing. There is also a concern that a drawn-out fight might damage company morale?

 Our Maryland tax attorney understands how embezzlement can torment your life. When somebody you trusted has betrayed you it is best to come to a professional for help. This can put your mind at ease knowing we will take care of every detail of your case and work hard to make sure they are not given the opportunity to hurt someone else. Trusting us gives you the opportunity to focus on putting the pieces of your business back together!