Our Estate Attorneys Discuss The Best Jobs When Working After Retirement Part 1

Retirement. Many people spend their lives dreaming of the day that they can sit back and relax, enjoying the fruits of a lifetime of labor. While sun-soaked beaches and empty stretches of road sound nice, many individuals find that hard work is a source for much of their pride and value in society. We, as humans, like to feel useful, or have a purpose, and retirement can affect many seniors who thrive on working hard. Many citizens turn to work to regain their sense of fulfillment and enjoyment. In many cases, elderly workers can now focus on doing something that they enjoy, as opposed to a career that simply paid the bills. One way to ensure that you are ready for whatever happens through your life is to work with a local estate planning attorney for assistance.

For years, JDKatz has proudly served as your professional estate lawyers in Maryland and Washington, D.C. Our Bethesda team has the experience needed to navigate the complexities of estate law to ensure that you are happy and secure for your retirement and beyond. We strive to help clients find the best outcomes to make the most out of life. Regardless of the reason, many citizens decide to re-enter the workforce. Today, we’ll highlight a few of the top job choices for elderly citizens. It’s never too early or too late to start your estate plan, so be sure to call us today for assistance!

Capitalize on Your Passions

We all have things we’re passionate about. Many people love the idea of working in a field that they truly enjoy, but in many cases, passion does not substitute for income. If you find yourself entering the retirement years but still want to be productive, now would be an ideal time to try working in a career you’ll love. Think about your hobbies, goals, and lifelong passions. Senior citizens that love fishing, for example, may be able to find employment at a bait shop or as a guide. Those with Social Security benefits may have enough leeway to take on a job that is rewarding, not high paying. Have you always wanted to work with kids? Has music always inspired you? These joys now may become rewarding encore careers!

Those that are considering finding work after retirement can benefit from sitting down and writing out their passions. Really think about what motivates you and what inspires you to do more. Many people take on work to finance more experiences with their grandchildren while others work to support their loved one. Golf courses, tourism and hospitality companies, schools, libraries, cafes, retail stores, and nearly every other light-duty job can provide ideal for many elderly residents.

See the World While You Work

A majority of people will say that “travel” is one of their top goals in life. Knowing who we are and how we fit into this large world can be beneficial, especially when sightseeing is involved. If you are retiring and can feel the wanderlust in your soles, now may be the ideal time to find a job that moves around. Many jobs offer the excitement of seeing the world with rewarding outcomes that also help your bank account. Even if a potential job does not sound ideal for you, where it takes you could make everything worth the effort. A few ideas for active seniors looking to see the world include:

  • Tourism. Whether you choose to work for an airline, a hotel chain, or other destination that includes travel, you can expect to travel affordably. Many tourism companies provide discounts for their employees. Commercial airlines often allow their employees to travel for free in select situations. No matter your employer, you may be able to travel the world like a tourist while earning a paycheck.
  • Cruise lines. Modern cruise ships require a wide range of workers to create a fun experience for guests. From photographers to janitorial and cooking staff, everyone on board these lines are treated to plenty of worldwide travel while making a living.
  • Seasonal positions. Many employers offer seasonal positions that can vary based on the time of year. You may be able to find work in the warmer climates during the winter while working in colder climates during the summertime. Be sure to look for areas near you that are tourist hotspots, as these locations tend to need more employees during the busy seasons.

Utilize Your Vast Experience to Help Others

There is no real measure for the value of experience, yet every employer knows that having experience is often far more valuable than any level of training. Some elderly residents find that they can continue their specialty of work by being a consultant. This position takes a step back from the labor involved with any job and instead offers guidances and expertise to help others. In many cases, consultants can make a good living based on the value of their experience. You can still feel productive and have a rewarding impact in your industry, but you can also expect more freedoms often associated with being retired. Consulting often offers a middle of the road solution.

Working after retirement doesn’t have to be a bad thing. While many senior citizens find themselves at work to pay for unexpected expenses, everyone can make the most of their time by finding a career that enhances their life. Next time, we’ll continue this topic by discussing more entrepreneurial pursuits for elderly residents. If you’re on this post looking for expert assistance in creating the most secure outcomes for your retirement, JDKatz is here and available to help. Our estate planning attorneys in Bethesda and D.C. work hard to create comprehensive approaches that are personalized to each individual client. Contact us today to learn more or to begin planning for your future!