At JDKatz: Attorneys at Law, our experienced team of professionals and tax attorneys in Maryland provide a number of legal services to businesses and individuals. We serve throughout the mid-Atlantic region and beyond. Our Maryland & Washington DC law services include, but are not limited to:

Tax Law

Our firm advises business organizations, other entities, and individuals on matters pertaining to federal, state and local taxation. Our firm represents clients in audits and other tax controversies; and provides counsel and representation to tax whistleblowers.

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Offshore Asset Disclosures / Foreign Accounts Tax Law

We are closely attuned to the needs of multinational and foreign clients, who make up a substantial portion of our client base.  We can guide you and your business through the complexities of offshore asset disclosures such as FBAR, FATCA, and the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program.

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General Litigation

Representative litigation and alternative dispute matters include, without limitation: business dissolutions; disputes between joint owners of a business; disputes between members of a limited liability company (LLC); breach of contract claims; real estate disputes (sale in lieu of partition; easements); breach of contract claims; disputes amongst competing businesses; employment law defense; declaratory judgment claims; breach of contract claims; emergency relief (injunctions and restraining orders); fraud claims; business interference claims; quiet title claims; construction disputes; and collection and enforcement of creditor rights.

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Estate Planning & Elder Law

Our firm offers a full complement of services in the area of elder law and estate planning in Maryland. We assist clients with wills, trusts and other estate planning mechanisms; probate and estate administration; and elder asset protection and planning.

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Business & Transactional Law

Our firm has long-standing relationships with several major corporate clients throughout the Washington metro area.  Our experienced lawyers and professionals assist large, medium-sized and small businesses with all types of commercial transactions.

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From our two convenient locations in Bethesda and downtown Washington, D.C., we use state-of-the-art technology to communicate and collaborate with our clients. To discuss how we can help you, call us at (301) 605-1243 or (202) 765-0893 or request more information by filling out the form above.