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Corporate Investigation Attorney in Bethesda, Maryland

Every business has the potential to encounter problems with its employees, vendors, contractors, or suppliers at some point in its lifespan. Knowing what signs to look out for, and what questions to ask, can stop little problems from developing into much larger ones. Late-paid or unpaid payroll taxes, for example, may be an indication of negligent (or even fraudulent) behavior on the part of an employee or corporate officer. Similarly, when something sounds too good to be true involving your ordinary business operations, it probably is.

Discreet & thorough investigations

The attorneys at JDKatz: Attorneys at Law work with clients to discreetly investigate issues within their businesses that may have tax, licensing, or even criminal implications. Our team of quality business lawyers has knowledge and experience in the area of internal corporate investigations, which has been well-substantiated through cases we have worked on. We’ve worked with clients to uncover acts such as fraud committed by corporate officers, employee theft and embezzlement, kickback schemes in government contracting, and rampant tax non-compliance.

In addition, our business lawyers conducted corporate investigations and represented clients in matters involving:

  • Employee Theft and Embezzlement
  • Employee Misclassifications
  • Employment and Payroll Tax Deficiencies
  • Securities Transactions
  • Internal Corporate Fraud

Developing detailed factual and legal analysis with discretion and integrity, the business lawyers at JDKatz can help our clients determine the full scope of the potential liability as well as where potential wrongdoing may be present. In doing so, our tax investigators can help the company avoid or mitigate potential liability to federal and state authorities and injured third parties.

We use the corporate investigation to identify areas of misconduct. Then, our team of professionals will focus on appropriately reporting and correcting corporate misdeeds within the bounds of the law, while providing the utmost protection to our corporate clients and their innocent directors and officers.

Developing safeguards for the future

After making the corrections to issues found by our corporate investigators, we will work with clients to put checks-and-balances and prevention systems in place to ensure that the most common employee and corporate misbehavior can be eliminated entirely. The JDKatz business attorneys are experienced in developing corporate compliance programs to detect and prevent future employee misconduct. Our past clients include government contractors with audit and ownership issues, closely held businesses, and several multi-state companies with more than $10 million in annual revenue. To learn more about our corporate investigations and business services, please contact our firm.

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