Opportunities to purchase and sell assets, companies, or to enter into joint ventures can present complex challenges.

This would be the perfect time to engage a business lawyer for any type of business acquisition. For example, the decision of whether or not to purchase or sell the stock of a company, as opposed to purchasing or selling the company’s assets, can affect each party’s tax treatment in the transaction. Likewise, equitable rights in the event of later competition, and filing/licensing obligations with state and local governments can present challenges. It’s essential to utilize a team of experienced tax lawyers to help with your business acquisitions.

Purchases and sales of a business can often be structured to minimize taxes within the bounds of the law while meeting the purchaser’s or seller’s other goals and objectives. Our business lawyers can help you to plan carefully so your business can avoid costly tax, labor, and ownership disputes long after the transaction has closed. Choosing the most efficient form of transaction is rarely obvious and requires a comprehensive look at the present financial condition of a business and its goals for the future.

Our mergers and acquisitions lawyers have experience in tax, litigation, and corporate law, and are uniquely suited to review a transaction with respect to all three areas. Whether you are thinking about purchasing assets, selling your business, or restructuring in a corporate expansion, we can provide practical insight into the real-world risks and alternatives to each business acquisition or transaction. When it comes to business law, having a team of experienced tax attorneys can make all the difference.

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