Whether a corporate officer or a small business owner, you likely enter into contracts on a daily or even hourly basis without blinking an eye. The decisions that drive your business, from supply chains and logistics to customer services and sales, may have significant legal ramifications. Like it or not, the days of the handshake deal have largely been replaced by complex contractual agreements which, to the unwary, may present enormous pitfalls. It’s important to find a legal team of business lawyers that simplify the process.

• What happens if your suppliers don’t deliver?
• Can your customers sue you?
• Will your suppliers indemnify you?
• What about your employees?
• What happens if your insurance takes months, or even years, to replace a loss?


These are all questions which may have very different answers depending on the terms of the agreements and contracts you have entered into.

It’s well worth it to have a business lawyer on hand to review all contracts and make sure they have your interests in mind.

Our business lawyers and professionals take a refreshingly unique approach to meeting the needs of our business clients. Our team of business law experts will work hard to provide clients with a comprehensive approach to contractual law that aims to limit financial costs as well as minimize legal risks. JDKatz: Attorneys at Law has long-standing relationships with several major corporate clients throughout the Washington metro area. We have earned a strong reputation for the services we offer in several areas of business and commercial law, and take pride in providing unparalleled value to our clients. Our business attorneys are highly experienced at representing businesses and their owners in all types of commercial transactions, from basic operating agreements and contracts to complex corporate and capital transactions.

Make JDKatz: Attorneys at Law your law firm for business transactions and know you are getting expert legal counsel for all your business decisions. Contact our Bethesda or Washington D.C. law office to schedule a free consultation.