Different industries have different tax implications. At JDKatz: Attorneys at Law, we understand the unique issues a business may have. Our business attorneys provide time-efficient and quality solutions to further your business’s success.

Seasonal industries are unique because income is heavily lopsided in designated time periods during the year. It is important to understand how to manage your income while adhering to the tax laws of the U.S. government. With trusted CPAs on staff, we will advise and handle your current financial situation as well as help plan you for the future. We understand the importance of continuously moderating your business, so let us help while you handle your day-to-day functions.

JDKatz: Attorneys at Law offers help with the intricacies that come along with being a business owner. Not all positions in a business are seen as equal in the eyes of the IRS. For example, an independent contractor is completely different from an employee according to the IRS. Their income and tax returns are unique because different forms must be filed in order to receive different deductions. JDKatz will assist contractors in managing their income while paying off any taxes and debts.

The farming industry is taxed in a variety ways based on if the farmland is arranged by a fixed-cash rent, flexible-cash rent, or a crop-share lease. Farmers’ taxes and estate plans are affected by these rental agreements. We will streamline farmers’ income tax returns to insure fast and efficient results. We will also assist in any tax or estate issues related to farmers that may affect their operations.

JDKatz has reputable business attorneys who will work under any facet of commercial law to reduce penalties or fees related to your industry. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.