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When it comes time to plan one’s estate in Maryland, there are a number of different components that should be considered. One such component is in regards to the individual’s end of life care. Of course, it can be challenging for an anyone to think about this emotional period of time but it is important to make sure you get the treatment that you want in the end. One of the ways to inform your loved ones of your wishes is to create an advance healthcare directive. This can be done during the estate planning process and should not be overlooked. If you require the compassionate guidance of an experienced Maryland estate planning attorney, contact the skilled legal team at JD Katz. Our firm is committed to providing all clients with the attention and knowledge that these matters deserve. Give us a call today.

What is an advance healthcare directive?

An advance healthcare directive allows an individual to establish clear instructions about what their wishes are in the unfortunate event that they ever become incapacitated. This legal document will also ensure that any medical records are able to be accessed when they are needed in an emergency. The primary purpose is to provide direction to the individual’s loved ones when they have to make decisions on behalf of the incapacitated individual. Some of the matters that can be addressed in an advance healthcare directive include the following:

  • Declare what you feel should be considered incapacitated
  • Inform loved ones and medical professionals whether you would like to receive life-saving care
  • Make sure that health care practices are in accordance with your religious beliefs or other beliefs
  • Grant trusted individuals the authority to access your medical records in the event of an emergency
  • Determine whether the document is effective immediately or if it only goes into effect after actually finding an incapacity
  • All other health care wishes can be included as well

Creating an advance healthcare directive in Maryland

When it comes time to create an advance healthcare directive, it is an understandably emotional process. Of course, it can be challenging to really think about a time in which you are unable to act for yourself but with the help of a compassionate attorney, the process of creating an advance healthcare directive doesn’t have to be difficult. It can bring great peace of mind that if you cannot act for yourself, the decisions that you would have made anyway will come to fruition. All of your wishes and intentions for various aspects of care have to be followed in accordance with the advance healthcare directive. Once the document is created, it is important to notify loved ones that you have this document in place and that it should be followed. Another thing to note is that you will be able to appoint a trusted loved one to act as an agent who will ensure that the wishes of the directive are carried out.

Contact a Maryland Elder Law Attorney

The experienced estate planning attorneys at JD Katz understand that it can be challenging to think about a time in which you may be incapacitated. With our compassionate guidance, we can make this process as smooth as possible and ensure that you will walk away with significant peace of mind in regards to your end of life care. If you need assistance creating an advance healthcare directive in the state of Maryland, contact the legal team at JD Katz today to discuss your situation.

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