Medicaid is a social healthcare program intended for low-income and low-resource individuals.

Once an applicant is approved, the government provides a variety of benefits, including nursing home care, that individuals would not otherwise be able to afford. As people live longer, their long-term costs of care are skyrocketing, making Medicaid eligibility increasingly appealing.

Unfortunately, many medium- to high-income/resource seniors deplete their assets and income to a point at which they can no longer afford the medical support they need. Due to Medicaid’s 5-year look back period, they are often denied eligibility for Medicaid based on their previous income stream and asset resources.

At JDKatz, we can help determine whether eligibility Medicaid may be in the best interest of you or an aging loved one. We work with clients to develop unique strategies to help them enroll in Medicaid when they need it. Qualifying for Medicaid doesn’t have to be daunting with help from our experienced elder planning lawyers.

Medicaid laws are extremely complex and vary from state to state. Our estate planning attorneys have developed several strategies to help with eligibility for Medicaid in Maryland, Washington, D.C., and beyond. We can also assist in the application process, appeal Medicaid denials, and review nursing home, assisted living, and continuing care contracts to ensure our clients maximize their ability to pay for their costs of care throughout their lifetime. Taking on this process on your own can seem impossible, but it doesn’t have to be with our qualified Medicaid lawyers.

We have the resources and experience to guide you and your family through every aspect of the elder planning process, including Medicaid planning. Schedule a free consultation or contact us today to get started.