Experienced Probate Attorneys

If you have been named as the personal representative or trustee of someone who has died, you may have a great deal of responsibility resting on your shoulders. An experienced estate administration attorney can help you understand and carry out those responsibilities.

At JDKatz: Attorneys at Law, our lawyers skillfully advise and represent estate management and other parties in probate and trust proceedings. We are dedicated to providing attentive and individualized services oriented toward helping our clients achieve their goals when it comes to wills and probate.

Representing Personal Representatives, Trustees, and Interested Parties

How an estate is administered depends on the deceased person’s estate planning decisions, specifically whether he or she adopted a will and/or placed his or her assets in a trust. Each type of administration involves specific tasks, responsibilities, and potential complications.

Our attorneys help our clients get appointed as personal representatives, gain control of estate assets and efficiently carry out their probate and trust responsibilities following the letter of the law.

Our firm also represents estate administrators, trustees, and other interested parties in estate and probate litigation, including will contests and claims for breach of fiduciary duty. In these cases, we diligently protect our clients’ interests while pursuing resolutions to estate disputes.

Contact us at our Bethesda office at 301-605-1243 or our office in downtown Washington D.C. at 202-765-0893. We can schedule a free consultation for you where we will learn more about your situation and offer personalized plan from one of our probate attorneys.