We provide reliable tax advice to clients regarding all aspects of state and local tax. Our expertise includes income, franchise, sales and use, transfer and property taxes. We regularly advise clients to ensure that their business activities are structured to minimize state and local tax consequences, from clerical errors to tax evasion issues.

We represent everyone from Fortune 500 companies to individuals in state and local tax matters. In each case, we follow a course of action based on consultation with the client so as to individually tailor a solution pursuant to the client’s unique needs and goals.

Our team is based in Bethesda, MD, and has an office in Washington, DC. We offer representation to clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region for multiple fields, including estate planning and tax litigation.

For a consultation to discuss your legal options or to find out more about our state and local tax services, please contact us via email or call us at (301) 605-1243.