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Once an audit is complete and a tax liability is assessed, a common belief is that the IRS can garnish wages, seize assets, and otherwise do anything it wants to get its money without any recourse on the part of the taxpayer. While the IRS can take a wide range of actions to collect on tax liabilities, the fact of the matter is that it must provide due process of the law in its tax collections pursuit. Sometimes, the IRS will take unreasonable or arbitrary actions or will otherwise abuse its discretion when taxpayers propose alternative payment structures. That is when your local collections attorney can step in. JDKatz is an experienced tax law firm with locations in Bethesda, Maryland and Downtown Washington D.C. For a consultation with our tax law practice attorneys, contact JDKatz.

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Our experienced tax attorneys provide zealous representation to our clients to ensure that the IRS works with the taxpayer to come to a mutual repayment plan. Alternatives to IRS liens, levies, and garnishments can include negotiating installment agreements, making offers in compromise of the full tax debt, and (where appropriate) litigating inappropriate assessments of the tax. Tax collection should be fair to the taxpayer, and our Maryland attorneys can help ensure that the IRS plays by the rules.

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We understand that this is a stressful time for you. Because all of our collection attorneys work with you on a personal level, you will feel like you have representation that is truly on your side. We are passionate about helping our clients and have spent years learning and practicing tax law so we can do our best to provide you with the kind of dedication you can count on. JDKatz aims to be more of a trusted friend over a standard tax lawyer. Contact us today to learn more about the tax collections process and see what your Bethesda tax lawyer can do to help.

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