Experienced Tax Fraud Lawyers

Any criminal charge is a serious matter and requires the attention of an experienced lawyer. In particular, if you have been charged with a criminal tax offense, you need an attorney who not only understands the criminal defense process, but the intricacies of the tax system and inner workings of the IRS as well.

At JDKatz: Attorneys at Law, we have extensive experience defending clients against federal and state tax charges, as well as other white collar criminal accusations. We work quickly to protect our clients from the consequences of criminal investigations and charges. Our experienced tax attorneys have decades of success in settling cases with highly favorable outcomes for our clients.


Defending Clients Against Tax Evasion, Tax Fraud, and Related Charges

If you have been charged with or are under investigation for tax evasion, tax fraud, or any other tax offense, you need attorneys who are prepared to match the resources of the government and ensure that your rights are protected from both investigators and prosecutors.

Our professional legal team is prepared to take the appropriate steps in your best interest, from avoiding prosecution with a joint agreement to aggressively defending you at trial.

Some of our clients have been charged with crimes as a result of accounting errors and others for inaccurate documentation. Some have been misled and even defrauded by accountants and tax advisers. Our goal is to set the record straight and protect our clients’ rights and freedoms by providing them with a team of experienced tax defense lawyers and professionals.

In the case of a criminal, tax-related charge, our clients are encouraged to seek consultation with a tax professional immediately. Request a free and confidential consultation with JDKatz: Attorneys at Law by filling out our schedule appointment form, or by contacting us at (301) 605-1243.