Reasons to Hire a Maryland Tax Attorney

With tax season quickly approaching it is a good time to learn a little about Maryland tax attorneys. Any time that an individual has a run in with the IRS they should seek out the help of a tax attorney. Tax attorneys specialize in solving tax related problems. Tax laws are incredibly complicated and individuals that do not seek the help of a professional usually get burned.

The help of a Maryland tax attorney should be sought out for many reasons:

  1. Facing an IRS tax audit: A tax attorney can help you navigate through the difficult tax laws when you face an audit. Tax laws and codes may be well beyond your CPA’s knowledge. Your tax attorney cannot be forced to testify against you due to client-attorney privilege.

  2. IRS tax disputes: Your Maryland tax attorney will become the go-between individual between yourself and the IRS. Inexperience, bad advice, and unqualified help may cost you more money in the end.

  3. Whistleblowing: Many people seek the help of a tax attorney because they have knowledge and proof that there is tax fraud on behalf of their employer. A tax attorney can help you pursue the right course of action and protect you from retaliation charges.

  4. International tax defense: International tax laws can be more complicated and local and state laws. All American owned international accounts will be monitored by the IRS. A tax attorney can help defend businesses and individuals who owe the IRS money and own international accounts.

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