What does guardianship provide?

As our grandparents grow older, they may need more help. Age makes people need more aid on a daily basis. Whether they need physical help with tasks or help with keeping their finances in order, it can be provided by appointing them a guardian. Guardianship allows for someone to take care of tasks for an elder. A loved one can assume the role of a guardian to handle anything that the elder may need help with. Guardianship can be useful for when the elderly become sick as well. Guardians may assume the role themselves or be appointed by a court. In this role, they should make sure to carry out their tasks in the right way.

What responsibilities would I have?

Guardians have many responsibilities they must keep up with in order to protect the elder and keep them up-to-date with their tasks. In Maryland, a guardian is considered to be a fiduciary. The state will require guardians to accomplish a few tasks on behalf of the older individual. When doing these tasks, the guardian should be acting in the best interest of the individual. They want to ensure that they are doing everything to improve and maintain the other’s well-being. The guardian should handle the elder’s money properly and carefully. They should not act in a way that is deemed to be corrupt or for their own benefit. They should handle the other’s finances as they usually would. In keeping with their finances, they must make sure to keep it separate from their own. Otherwise, it may not look like they are doing their job correctly. To ensure that they are doing things properly, they should keep a record of all money transactions and properties. This can give them a record of what they are doing during their guardianship. It can also be consulted if any questions arise.

These guardians have a responsibility to the individual they are representing and to the court. They may be asked by the court to provide information about their handlings. In this way, the court can ensure they are carrying out their job properly. Guardians should adhere to the standard set or they may be removed from their position.

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