Why Should Every Parent Have a Will?

mom and dad in bed with smiling child

A will is a fundamental legal document that enables individuals to specify their preferences for their estate and future arrangements after they pass away. Nevertheless, despite the significance of establishing this document, many adults neglect to create one. Establishing a will is essential for everyone, as it guarantees that your end-of-life wishes are respected. However, it’s particularly crucial for parents to draft a will to ensure that their children are adequately cared for should they unexpectedly die. Please continue reading to learn why parents need a will and how a trusted ​​Montgomery County Will Drafting Attorney can help protect your loved ones. 

Do I Need to Write a Will if I Have Children?

Unfortunately, many people are in denial and don’t want to face the inevitable fact that they won’t be here forever. As a result, individuals tend to delay the process of creating a will. However, this can lead to several important decisions being left uncertain.

If you die without a will, you leave the court responsible for making important decisions about what happens not only to your property but also to who will take care of your children. As such, it’s crucial for every parent to create a will to ensure their children’s futures are secure.

What Are the Benefits of Writing a Will as a Parent?

If you die and there is no other capable parent to care for your children, the court will appoint a legal guardian to raise them. The court will examine several factors to determine who to name for this job to ensure the child’s best interests are met. Generally, they will ask for opinions from people who know the kids well. However, you won’t be able to weigh in on this decision. This means there is a chance that your children will be left in the care of someone you don’t trust.

By drafting a will, you can take comfort in knowing your children will receive care from someone you trust to raise them. Your opinion is essential, especially since they may differ from your family’s views regarding who your children’s guardians should be.

In addition to appointing a legal guardian of your children, a will allows you to name a guardian over their finances. After your death, someone will need to look after your children’s finances to ensure their well-being. It’s possible to name the same person you named as the children’s personal guardian, or you can choose someone else. They can help manage the property until the children reach a certain age.

As you can see, there are various reasons why parents need to create a will. If you are considering drafting a will, please don’t hesitate to contact JD Katz, as our legal team can help you protect your loved ones.