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  1. A Look At Common Needs For Commercial Litigation

    In our country, we have a source of pride for commerce. If anyone has a dream and works hard, they can achieve success. However, disputes can arise for any number of reasons. Commercial litigation involves almost any type of issue that can occur in the business world, from contract disputes to embezzlement charges. When this happens, you may need a versatile team of experts to help you. JDKatz is…Read More

  2. Business Structuring With Your Small Business Lawyers Part 2

    The legal aspects and tax demands for your enterprise will vary greatly based on the business structure that you choose. Each type holds its own unique benefits and drawbacks, so choosing the right one is vital for success. In our last blog, we looked at three of the six business structures that you can utilize for your company. Today’s blog will highlight the tax laws surrounding the remaining…Read More

  3. Business Structuring With Your Small Business Lawyers Part 1

    When it comes time to finally start that your dream business, a lot of steps need to be taken to ensure that everything is done correctly. From accidental tax evasion to improper payments, the business taxes associated with your company can quickly become very complicated. Hiring a trusted tax attorney for your Maryland or Washington D.C. business can be very helpful for getting everything done c…Read More

  4. Explaining What Happens When You Die Without A Will Part 2

    For many Americans, the thought of their own mortality is not something that is normally contemplated. While accepting that you will one day die is morbid, it is important you do so for sake of your family and your estate. As an expert in wills and estates, JDKatz has seen it all. One common occurrence our clients run into is the dispersal of property once someone has passed away without a will in…Read More

  5. Explaining What Happens When You Die Without A Will Part 1

    Here at JD Katz, we cover a variety of specialties for our clients. From tax to estate law, our attorneys here to provide top-notch counseling and reliable representation. Although we have covered it in blogs of long ago, the domain of wills and estates brings many questions for those who are not entirely sure of the ramifications of passing away without leaving a will in place. The rules and regu…Read More

  6. How Tax-Exempt Statuses Can Be Revoked Part 3

    According to The Nonprofit Almanac 2015, 1.41 million nonprofits were registered with the Internal Revenue Service in 2013. That same year, nonprofits accounted for 5.4 percent of the country’s gross domestic product, coming in at 905.9 billion dollars. In all, nonprofit organizations make up a huge part of our country’s GDP and overall economy. Despite the high number of entities in this fiel…Read More

  7. How Tax-Exempt Statuses Can Be Revoked Part 2

    Understanding our country’s tax laws and regulations can be a very detail-intensive process. Many times, people commit tax fraud or evasion without realizing they are doing as such. Because of this, JDKatz was founded to offer tax law assistance for citizens in need. If you’re in need of a tax attorney in Maryland, we can help! Our firm specializes in providing knowledgeable tax advice to clie…Read More

  8. Tax-Exempt Organizations 101 With Your Maryland Tax Attorney

    Our country’s system for collecting and managing taxes can present a unique matrix of complexities for its citizens. This statement is further strengthened when one is navigating the waters of tax-exempt organizations. If you’re in need of a tax attorney in Maryland for this reason, you’re in luck! JDKatz has been providing professional tax advice for 16 years, helping clients with a number …Read More

  9. How Tax-Exempt Statuses Can Be Revoked Part 1

    For many, the laws and regulations of our tax organization can be a complicated obstacle course of technicalities and amendment forms. This statement can hold even more truth for entities that hold a 501(c) tax exemption status. Last week, we covered the basics of what a tax-exempt status is and what that entails. As premier tax attorneys in Maryland, JDKatz works to guide clients through the intr…Read More

  10. Hiring A Tax Attorney For IRS Investigations Part 2

      For the average American, the thought of IRS fraud and impending tax evasion penalties is far from the mind. Indeed, many citizens are blissfully unaware of the consequences of tax fraud, regardless of whether or not they are educated on the rules. Because of this, JDKatz tirelessly works as the premier tax attorney in Maryland to assist our clients with any tax issues they may be facing. We a…Read More


At JDKatz: Attorneys at Law, each of our attorneys brings a unique set of experiences and perspectives to bear on our clients’ legal problems. For each case or task we take on, we assemble a team of lawyers ideally situated to our client’s specific needs and goals. Our managing partner, Jeffrey D. Katz, founded our firm in 2000 after starting his career in the tax department of Big Four accounting firm KPMG Peat Marwick. To learn more about our attorneys’ backgrounds and qualifications, please review their individual profiles.


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