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Why College Students Need to Have Estate Plans

As schools plan to reopen in the fall, colleges included, parents and their children are faced with a critical decision: should they go back, and if so, what will happen if they get sick? Recently, Attorney Katz of J.D. Katz, P.C., was interviewed on Fox News regarding some of the various estate planning documents all […]

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What is a Trust?

Every estate plan must have various facets, and while creating a will is a fantastic start, many people also find that creating trusts is a fantastic way to prepare their assets for the future. Please read on and reach out to our experienced Montgomery County estate planning attorneys today to learn more about trusts, how […]

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Including Sentimental Assets in Your Estate Plan

There are various facets to any comprehensive estate plan, and though oftentimes, we tend to focus on our larger, more financially-significant assets, such as real estate, many people have various items of sentimental value that they wish to be accounted for in their estate plans as well. Whether it be musical instruments, certain collections, or […]

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A Developer’s Guide for Navigating the Historic Preservation Review Process in the District of Columbia

Construction within the District of Columbia presents a unique challenge to developers. Where other jurisdictions may require a developer to exclusively deal with the local zoning authority to acquire a permit, the District often requires developers to seek additional review for projects located in designated historic districts (e.g., Georgetown, Shaw, Capitol Hill). Developers face challenges […]

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