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What are the Responsibilities of an Executor?

People often create an estate plan throughout their life. This allows them to prepare for what will happen to their assets and treasured belongings after they pass away. In creating this plan, the individual must assign a person to carry out these plans when the time comes. This individual is known as an executor. An […]

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Types of Trusts in Maryland

Many people create an estate plan during their life. This allows them to prepare for what will happen to their cherished assets in the event of their death. In creating an estate plan, many people set up a trust to manage these assets. The person who creates a trust is called a trustor, while the […]

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What is a Beneficiary to an Estate in Maryland?

When a person wants to prepare for what will happen to their assets after their death, they create an estate plan. By doing this, they are able to ensure the assets end up in the right hands through the creation of a will or trusts. When these assets are distributed, they are given to beneficiaries. […]

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Contesting a Will in Maryland

Many people often have very cherished assets at the end of a long life. These are things that should be passed down to loved ones so that they may still be taken care of after the owner’s life is over. This can be done through an estate plan. This plan allows an individual to prepare […]

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Conservatorship in Maryland

Creating a comprehensive plan can be very beneficial for an individual throughout their life. In life, no one can ever predict the future and unexpected events can happen. This is why it is important for the person to consider all factors that they may wish to cover. Sometimes, an individual may become incapacitated due to […]

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Asset Preservation in Maryland

When an individual wants to prepare for what will happen after their death, they can create an estate plan. This allows them to have control over what happens to their assets and cherished belongings when their life is over. It is important that when an individual does this, they create a comprehensive plan. There are […]

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