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Do I Need an Attorney to Help Write my Will?

Though we live in a world where we have all kinds of information at our fingertips, some things are best left to a professional. While we completely understand the very essence of writing a will is saving and preserving your assets, it may do you a world of good to appoint an attorney who is […]

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What is Intestate Succession?

If your loved one has died without writing a will, he or she will be considered to have died “intestate.” In this case, a decedent–the person who died–will have his or her assets distributed according to Maryland law. However, there is a chain of command when determining who will get what percentage of the decedent’s […]

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The Role of an Executor in the Estate Administration Process

Estate administration involves decisions that are made before someone dies. Individuals should have a will in place and other legal matters arranged to handle the distribution of their estate. During this process, executors play a crucial role. Executors have specific responsibilities to carry out when the individual of an estate they are representing dies. Upon […]

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