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Thriving Captive Insurance Marketplace Spurs Competition

What happens when a business exists or operates with certain risks that are not covered under traditional insurance policies offered by large insurance companies? Learn more in this article by Managing Partner Jeffrey D. Katz, Esq. Read More

Supreme Court decision to cost Maryland millions

A Supreme Court ruling in a Maryland tax case will cost the state an estimated $200 million in refunds it will have to pay residents stretching back seven or eight years, state officials estimated Monday. The 5-4 decision also means Maryland counties will lose about $42 million annually in tax revenue going forward, after the high court ruled that it is unconstitutional not to allow a tax credit for money residents make in other states. Read More

PDI Global’s Client Spotlight Featuring JDKatz, P.C., Attorneys at Law

When your clientele includes heavy-weight boxer Riddick Bowe, the U.S. Surgeon General, CNN reporters, and C-level executives from the Fortune 100, you might not see much need for marketing. But if you’re Jeffrey David Katz, founder and managing partner of JDKatz, you’ve placed a priority on marketing with a variety of media to build and deepen client relationships. Read More

Ireland To Close Tax Loophole That Saves Billions For Apple, Google, Facebook

International Business Times – Under pressure from Brussels to fall in line with European Union rules on subsidies, Ireland will eliminate a tax loophole that has allowed U.S. tech giants and other multinationals to cut billions of dollars from their tax bills. Apple, Google and Facebook are among the companies that could be significantly impacted by the change. Read More

EU’s Amazon Probe Puts Scrutiny On Global Tax-Shifting Schemes

International Business Times – EU authorities have launched a probe of Inc.’s finances as Brussels broadens its investigation into U.S. companies it suspects are using the Continent as a tax haven. In recent weeks, the European Commission has also launched inquiries into the tax practices of Apple Inc. and Starbucks Corporation, among others. Read More

Navigating the Sales and Use Tax Audit: State Tactics and Methodologies Yield Inconsistent Outcomes:

Tax compliance has always been a necessary and integral focal point for business, but lately compliance has become harder due to retroactive enforcement of sales and use taxes. In this article, Jeffrey Katz and Christopher Young of JDKatz, P.C. discuss how these audits have become ‘‘gotcha’’ tools instead of governing devices, and how businesses can make the audit process less painful and have it result in a more favorable outcome. Read More

Estate Tax Relief in Maryland Could End Exodus of Retirees, Comptroller Says:

Bloomberg BNA – A higher estate tax exemption recently enacted in Maryland under H.B. 739 will likely stem the flow of retirees moving out of the state, Maryland’s comptroller and an estate planning attorney recently told Bloomberg BNA.  Maryland was among the worst states for retirement in a list Forbes magazine compiled last year. One of the reasons for this was the state’s estate tax, which Mary- land’s comptroller and an estate planning attorney said they believe is driving retirees from the state. Read More

Deductible Health Care Expense: Your Treasure Island?

Washington Business Journal – Shiver me timbers. The continual rises in health care costs are high enough to set a pirate’s ship to sea. Ways to deal with those costs are the subject of an ongoing debate. While many people wait to see how everything shakes out, the government already subsidizes some lucky taxpayers’ medical costs.Read More

Right Tax Structure Could Energize Slumbering Business 

Washington Business Journal – “Happy New Year” may be the most positive phrase in the English language. For those whose fortunes were less than desired, the New Year is an opportunity to close the books and start anew. New Year’s resolutions are a time-honored tradition. They also can be useful business tools. What New Year’s resolution did you make for your business? Whether you’re already in business or thinking of that next bright idea, the start of a new year presents an opportunity to re-examine your business structure or choose a new one. Many closely held businesses, sole proprietors included, operate their corporate structures like bears in hibernation. Read More

In Estate Planning It Is Important To Touch All Bases

Washington Business Journal – Batter Up. Planning your estate requires the forethought of a Major League Baseball manager planning for the World Series. Whether you are in the final innings having spent years working to create a legacy for yourself and your loved ones or are a rookie just starting the savings game, ask yourself, “Have I covered all my bases?” Read More

Charitable Giving: Tis Better To Give Then Receive 

Washington Life Magazine -With tax time nearly upon us, and charities banging down doors looking for new donors, new contributions, and new monies to maintain programs, individual and corporate donors are often left in the lurch as to how to fund their favorite charitable pursuit, and derive the greatest tax benefit. As you sit down to do your taxes this year, you may think to yourself: “Could I have given more to charity and less to the government?” In a word-Yes. Read More

The Case Against Tax Amnesties

Every individual’s decision-making process is guided in some measure by the basic principle that with every decision comes a consequence. Generally speaking, actions that comply with the applicable laws of a particular state afford the complying individual the protections provided by the laws of that state, such as police protection, infrastructure maintenance, and public schooling for children. Conversely, failure to abide by the laws of a state generally results in punishment, ranging from fines to imprisonment. However, policymakers in most states are challenging that time-honored principle when they adopt and implement tax amnesty programs. Read More