If you’ve been contacted by the IRS and notified that you are under investigation, being audited, or have been assigned a  Revenue Officer for any other reason, you’d be well advised to talk to a DC tax attorney as soon as possible to secure representation.  What most people don’t realize is that the IRS can, and will, use everything that transpires between you and the investigating officer(s) in determining the outcome of your case.  That includes any and all statements you make, whether they’re ill informed, ignorant, ambiguous, or indicate any amount of negligence or intent.   By hiring a tax attorney with experience dealing with the IRS and its representatives, you’ll ensure that your dealings will be conducted on equal footing, and that the information you are required to provide is properly presented with your best interests in mind.  Set up an appointment with a tax attorney at JD Katz, Attorneys at Law, to learn more about how having a tax attorney in your corner can be beneficial when dealing with the IRS.