No one really likes paying taxes, but few people actually go far enough to cheat on them.  Although it seems like the media is constantly reporting cases of tax evasion, fraud etc., (this week it was Lindsey Lohan) tax-cheaters are few and far between; only 7% of Americans say they would cheat on their taxes*.  Among those who do, they share some common characteristics.  So if you have a friend, co-worker or loved one who you’ve suspected of being in this rare group, check out the infographic below to see if they fit the mold.

*Although only 7% say they would cheat on their taxes, the think tank DEMOS estimates that the government collects just 85% of revenue it’s owed, resulting in a $385 billion loss last year.  A 15% short-fall doesn’t necessarily mean 15% of taxpayers cheat, but it’s likely that the total percentage is a bit higher.


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