April 15th may be a long way away, but legal troubles stemming from your taxes could strike at any time. If you or your company have been notified of an impending IRS audit, JD Katz Attorneys At Law can help. Your Maryland tax attorney has many clients coming to them for tax help so you need to be prepared. They will appreciate the fact that you have all the necessary paperwork in order prior to your meeting. No amount of preparation can take all of the stress out of an IRS audit but JD Katz attorneys can take on the load.

The IRS performs audits or reviews on persons or companies to ensure that truthful reporting is received on tax day. These audits are necessary to verify accurate IRS tax reports. According to the IRS, not all audit selections are due to erroneous tax returns. Selection can be as simple as random selection by a statistical computer formula. Often times selection is due to mismatching information on W-2, 1099 forms, and tax report. Be aware, if you do business, or are affiliated with any person or company that is undergoing an IRS audit, you are likely to be audited as well.

JD Katz attorneys are experienced IRS tax attorneys. All of the attorneys that will represent you or your company will have attained their LL.M. degree in taxation. They represent tax cases for individuals as well as Fortune 500 Companies.They will ensure that your interests are protected throughout litigation. Put your trust and faith in JD Katz attorneys.