How may a Financial Planning Attorney Help me?

Whether you believe you are in good financial standing or not, there is no shame in hiring a financial attorney for advice–it never hurts to consult someone who knows the ins and outs of financial planning. We understand that maintaining and planning your next move may seem like an overwhelming process to go through alone–thankfully, you don’t have to. 

What financial planning services are available at JD Katz?

JD Katz offers financial planning services to cover nearly every financial aspect of your life. Here are some of the ways in which an experienced financial planning attorney may assist you:

  • Creating living inheritances: preparing your estate in accordance with your family’s needs is something everybody should do in their lifetime.
  • Upstream estate planning: if you are someone who believes you are paying too much in taxes, you may be able to minimize your tax burden by hiring a knowledgeable attorney.
  • Charitable giving strategies: if you need help organizing charitable giving through trusts and retirement accounts.
  • Retirement planning: this is something everybody needs to do. If you properly plan for your retirement, you greatly increase your quality of life after you retire. Nobody wants to spend their retirement stressed out about their financial situation. Your retirement should be spent doing what you want to do, not dealing with cumbersome financial burdens.
  • Estate tax planning:  if you are a beneficiary looking to minimize the pitfalls of estate taxes when possible.
  • Life insurance: it is always better to be proactive than reactive. Life insurance helps you prepare for the unexpected. If you currently do not have life insurance, the conversation is definitely one worth having.
  • Investment management: you don’t want to make unrealistic or foolish decisions when it comes to your funds. Our firm can help you make informed decisions regarding your investments. If you wish to know more about certain investments, do not hesitate to contact our firm.
  • Budgeting: the key to financial success is budgeting your money wisely. It is generally a good policy to save the money you don’t need to spend, and no matter what, always keep a certain amount of money set aside for an emergency in the event that you need it. Budgeting isn’t just about having enough to get you through the week–it’s about helping you reach your future financial goals. Usually, if you work hard and follow the advice of an experienced attorney, you can make your financial goals a reality.

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