A Look At Common Needs For Commercial Litigation

In our country, we have a source of pride for commerce. If anyone has a dream and works hard, they can achieve success. However, disputes can arise for any number of reasons. Commercial litigation involves almost any type of issue that can occur in the business world, from contract disputes to embezzlement charges. When this happens, you may need a versatile team of experts to help you. JDKatz is proud to employ some of the top business and tax attorneys in the Maryland area. While we do specialize in tax law, from IRS fraud reporting to tax evasion cases, over the years we have built up a successful portfolio of positive outcomes for our clients in the business field. Today, we’ll look at a few common issues that cause the need for commercial litigation and explain why we’re more than just your go-to tax attorneys. Business disputes can happen for a number of reasons in a variety of unique situations, so it’s important to work with a team that you can trust!

Contract Breaches

In simple form, a contract is a binding agreement between multiple parties that specify which actions each part can and cannot take. Without contracts, the commercial realm would not be able to function. If a party violates his or her end of the contract, the others involved can commence legal action. These legal actions can range from supplies provided to acquisition issues, so it can be very beneficial to hire quality representation to help with the process. Our tax advice experts also excel at conflict resolution in order to bring about a mutually beneficial decision before a trial becomes necessary.

Tortious Interference Claims

Deriving more from the law of torts over any reptilian species, this dispute arises when a party that is not under contract with others in a business relationship creates an action that causes one of the contracted parties to breach the contract. This term can encompass a wide variety of situations, and the legal ground required to seek legal action against the outside party can be complex. In essence, the requirements for a contractual tortious interference claim must require:

  • A contract must be in place between the two parties.
  • The defendant, in this case, must be aware of the contract.
  • The defendant actively commences an action that results in one of the involved parties breaching the contract.
  • One of the parties involved actually breached this contract directly due to the defendant’s actions.
  • The other party in the case suffered damages or setbacks due to the contract not being upheld.

Claiming a tortious interference with a business relationship is essentially the same concept in the absence of an actual contract. If an outside party influences one of the involved groups to perform an action that damages the other party, a claim can be made for business relationships.

Non-Competition Claims

This area can involve a few different factors that determine how a dispute will need to be resolved. A non-compete clause is a statement that determines that one party shall not enter into a similar profession or business that is in competition with another party. Typically, an employee will sign a clause that confirms that they will not partake in employment or offer any assistance to similar employers in that industry. Employees under this clause are also not allowed to disclose any confidential or protected information. This is one area that sources a lot of disputes between employees and their company. The legal ramifications range from financial compensations to criminal charges.

Disputes Between Partners

Businesses are often run by small parties of partners that make all of the decisions. Many times, these conflicts can arise between family members. JDKatz strives to provide optimal resolution tactics in order to resolve these conflicts before they go to trial. These partnership disputes can cover a wide field of contentions, from business conspiracy claims to fraud, theft, and embezzlement.

Small businesses can also be at the heart of many tax litigation needs. From reporting tax evasion to completing proper forms, businesses have a lot to worry about. As such, our top-notch tax attorneys provide Maryland businesses with a high degree of quality and assistance. JDKatz holds a wide range of expertise in business and tax litigation services, giving you the best representation while taking your unique needs and budget into consideration. Business disputes can vary widely and are often very complex. Contact us for assistance with your business litigation today!