Do I need an attorney to write a will in Maryland?

There are not many documents you write in your life that are more important than writing your own will. Creating a comprehensive estate plan with the assistance of an Maryland will attorney will ensure that your assets and estate are protected after you pass. Schedule a consultation today to be prepared and to take the necessary steps in handling your estate.

Why is writing a will so important?

To ensure your assets are distributed to your liking and that your estate or assets will not fall into the wrong hands is to write a will. Taking this step will allow you to achieve comfort in knowing that your assets will be in the right possession after you pass. Drafting a will provides a peace of mind that you are properly prepared for the future. The purpose of a will is to clearly outline how the estate as well as any assets will be distributed amongst the beneficiaries. It is also possible to appoint an executor to your will. An executor will ensure that your assets are distributed in a way that respects your wishes after you pass. 

Why do I need a Maryland Will Attorney to write a will? 

A crucial step in drafting your will is to hire an attorney. The reason you will want an attorney to assist this process is because they hold important knowledge of the estate planning process that is crucial in creating a valid will that will not leave room for any pitfalls.  

Hiring an attorney to assist you in writing your will is the preferred method because it prevents you from potential loss. A very relevant risk those take by writing a will without an attorney’s assistance is that the specific language and wording in your will could present a pitfall. An attorney will understand the potential legal pitfalls that are possible in a legal document as important as your will. A single misphrasing in your will has the potential to change the outcome to something that you may not be satisfied with. 

How can I be sure a will is valid?

In order for your will to be valid in the state of Maryland, the will must be signed by the testator (the person writing the will) as well as two witnesses. The testator must also be at least 18 years of age. In order for your will to be valid, the testator must be legally competent at the time in which they wrote and signed the document. 

Contact An Experienced Maryland Will Attorney

If you do not have an estate plan, it is essential that you put one in place before it is too late. If your current estate plan is out of date or was drafted in another state, it may require updating. In either case, you can rely on our experienced estate law professionals. Contact the experienced estate planning attorneys at JD Katz today.