Captive Insurance & Organizational Risk Management: Issues & Solutions—the tip of the iceberg

What is captive insurance and why is it useful to your clients?  Captives provide an unusual opportunity for clients to better manage risk than traditional insurance policies, and have unusually good tax benefits, when properly structured. While over 90% of the FORTUNE 1000 has used captives for generations, their use by smaller companies has only recently come into vogue. “Captives,” as they are referred to, allow businesses the multiple advantages of retaining underwriting profits, fine-tuning their enterprise risk-management, and also often providing for better tax efficiency. This CLE discusses the emergence of captives for small to mid-sized businesses and emerging regulatory pitfalls associated with the use of captive insurance companies. Captives are not without their risks, and poorly structured captives may actually increase risk for their participants, as explained in this program.